10 Jan 24

The Administrative Control Authority of Libya joins the Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network (ACINET)

The Administrative Control Authority of Libya joins the Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network (ACINET)

The Administrative Control Authority (ACA) in Libya officially joined the Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network (ACINET) on 10 January 2024. It is an independent body with financial autonomy. Established by Law No. 20 of 2013, the Authority's primary goals include achieving effective administrative control over the executive agencies of the Libyan state, detecting and investigating crimes and violations related to public office performance, and taking necessary measures to hold individuals accountable.


The Commission’s accession was based on official correspondence that followed an official meeting between ACA's President, Mr. Abdullah Qaderbuh, with His Excellency thethe Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network (ACINET), Judge Haider Hanoun, Chairperson of the Federal Commission of Integrity in the Republic of Iraq, on 12 December 2023 on the side of the tenth session of the Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Anti-Corruption held in Atlanta, USA.


The accession of the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) to ACINET, brings the total members to fifty (50) ministries and specialized bodies from eighteen (18) Arab countries, in addition to two observer members from the countries of Brazil and Malaysia and the “non-governmental group” consisting of Twenty-eight (28) independent civil society organizations throughout the Arab region.


On this occasion, Mr. Abdullah Qadirbuh emphasized that the Commission's accession to ACINET marks a significant step in efforts to enhance integrity and combat corruption in Libya. It establishes a robust foundation for regional and international cooperation, expertise, and information exchange, as well as the utilization of successful experiences. Judge Haider Hanoun, the President of ACINET, expressed confidence that this accession would strengthen cooperation with Libya and contribute to expanding the role of ACINET as a comprehensive regional mechanism, serving its members since its establishment in 2008.

08 Nov 23

Statement of Members of the Non-Governmental Group of the Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network regarding the Israeli war on Gaza and the Palestinian people

The Non-Governmental Group of the Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network issued the following statement regarding the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian people.


“We, the signatories of this statement, raise our united voice to the world that is unable to stop the brutal Israel war on the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian people, which has been ongoing for more than a full month. We are watching, with great sorrow, the deteriorating humanitarian situation and human rights violations in this precious part of our Arab region. This is a consequence of the acts of repression and mass killings carried out by the Zionist entity, showing a blatant disregard for human values and a clear violation of international laws and norms.”


The statement continued, “Members of our regional group reject the attacks on civilians and the indiscriminate loss of innocent human lives and affirm their unequivocal condemnation of the brutal occupation and apartheid imposed on the Palestinian people for decades, and express their fear that the events of 7 October and its aftermath will not be the last blip of the bloody Arab-Israeli conflict while the horizon is blocked to finding a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue.”


Furthermore, “Until that day comes, in order to spare the blood of more innocent people, and to prevent the war from expanding to neighboring countries and perhaps beyond, and in line with its professional commitment to the principles of integrity and its moral duty towards the oppressed:


  • The signatory institutions of this statement call on the Arab governments to work urgently and immediately to stop the Israeli war on the Palestinian people that takes the form of a genocide, and to ensure continuous access of food, water, medicine, fuel and electricity to more than two million people in the Gaza Strip, half of whom are children,


  • Calls on various international and regional organizations to uphold their responsibilities and fulfill their humanitarian, legal and moral duties to protect civilians, bring an end to the occupation, establish peace, and safeguard what remains of our faith in the Charter of the United Nations, international laws and norms, and the values ​​of justice and equality.


  • Expresses its deep astonishment at the bias that has emerged in the positions of a number of major countries and their media and urges them to reevaluate their positions in a way that is consistent with the values of justice and equality, international humanitarian law, and the noble principles on which international legitimacy and the global system of human rights are based,


  • Calls on all fighters and civil society organizations in the Arab region and the rest of the world to double their efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people and support their rightful cause by all peaceful and civilized means,


The Non-Governmental Group’s statement concluded that “the signatories to this statement hope that the heightened level of global awareness of the oppression of the Palestinian people who are defending their existence, dignity and rights will foster a strong conviction among the governments and people of the world that international peace, security, stability and prosperity will not be achieved without a fair and urgent treatment of the Palestinian issue.”

03 May 23

ACINET participates in the first meeting of the deans of judicial and police institutes in the Arab region

"Enhancing Integrity and Fighting Corruption in Judicial and Security Institutions: The First Academic Forum for Deans of Judicial Institutes and Police Colleges in Arab Countries"


The League of Arab States organized an academic forum for deans of judicial institutes, police colleges, and law faculties in Arab countries, held from May 3 to May 5, 2023. The event was attended by representatives from the Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network, namely Mr. Ammar Muzher Abdul Jalil, representing the Iraqi Anti-Corruption Academy, and Dr. Asma Ghashem, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences at the University of Carthage, Tunisia.


One of the primary objectives of the network's participation in this forum is to enhance communication and foster networking. The opportunity to engage with representatives from participating governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as presidents and deans of law faculties and judicial institutes, is crucial for the network. Such interactions can pave the way for new perspectives that promote a culture of integrity. Dr. Asma Al-Ghashem emphasized the network's commitment to being present in significant academic gatherings like this forum.


A key goal of the network is to advance integrity within institutions operating in the security and judicial sectors. Security and the judiciary are interconnected components that function effectively when governed by principles of integrity. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to review and adapt legislation in response to global transformations and the proliferation of transnational crimes. Furthermore, “It is vital to support the independence of specialized institutions involved in promoting integrity and combating corruption”, highlighted Mr. Ammar Muzher Abdel Jalil.

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