ACINET Fourth Conference: Reconciling Hopes with Realities in the Fight against Corruption: Paving the Way for Innovation

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Beirut, 16 April 2013 - The Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network (ACINET) concluded its fourth conference entitled “Reconciling Hopes with Realities in the Fight against Corruption: Paving the Way for Innovation” which was held in Beirut on 14-16 April 201 and with the joint support of the Ministry of Justice and the United Nations Development Programme, and in cooperation with a number of regional and international partner organizations. The Conference was held at a ministerial level and brought together anti-corruption leaders from different parts of the Arab Region, relevant governmental and non-governmental representatives, in addition to prominent experts and representatives of regional and international organizations and partner countries. 

The conference offered participants a unique opportunity to present their anti-corruption efforts and to explore ways to activate it through the exchange of expertise and experiences and to learn about the latest global efforts in this area. The discussions enabled participants in finding creative solutions to achieve additional progress in promoting transparency, accountability and integrity and reducing corruption risks, including helping their countries to respond to the aspirations of its citizens and meet the needs of sustainable development and social justice.

On the side of the Conference, ACINET held its fourth General Meeting, which was preceded by the second General Session of its Non-Governmental Group. At the end of meeting, the progress report of 2012-2013 on ACINET’s work was adopted which was under chairmanship of the Kingdom of Morocco and its work priorities for 2013-2014 were determined under the chairmanship of the Republic of Lebanon.


The Beirut Declaration Against Corruption [English][Arabic

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